The Conscious Mama Series | Small Steps Count

Conscious Mama

Small Steps Count

Have you been thinking of incorporating a more conscious lifestyle? if you are like me, concerned about our Earth and you want to implement more eco-friendly options to your daily life but feel overwhelmed or simply do not know where to start? I am here to help you, because it can feel like a daunting experience, especially if you are just coming around to the idea of sustainability, conscious lifestyle and such. Fear no more, because you don’t have to go cold-turkey, I find that the best way to make something a habit or a ritual rather than a fad is by slowly introducing something into your daily practices, otherwise, it won’t stick. Start with one thing, and begin to utilize that one thing as often as you can, to the point that it becomes something natural for you to do, like for example, the shampoo, it is given to use to clean our hair, a natural routine, you buy the one you love, because you’ve used it enough times to see the results. Incorporating more eco-friendly items in your life will become as such when you start using one or two, you feel more comfortable and familiar with that one or two things. So here are a few items you can start using on the daily that won’t feel like a huge lifestyle change:

  1. Eco-Friendly Toothbrush - These toothbrush last a while and leave your mouth feeling so clean!

  2. Reusable Steel or Bamboo Straws - Probably my favorite of all the eco options I have adopted, they are so easy to travel, I often use them at coffee shops for my iced coffee addiction and are a favorite at home, kids find them so much fun!

  3. Reusable Silverware - Another easy to travel with item, I put it in my bag, diaper bag, or carry all to have it handy at all times to avoid using the worst offender of our environmental crisis…single-use plastic.

  4. Reusable Cotton Facial Pads - These have become a favorite of the husband, which reminds me that I need to buy more to share. They actually feel so much better on your skin then the conventional single use cotton pads. I use them with my micellar water to remove any left-over make-up and to help tone my skin.

  5. Safety Razor - I will admit that this one took major convincing, I was so fearful for so long, scared that it would end up being a bloodfest, but to my surpirse and after two years of contemplation, I braved it and took the plunge, I hit the purchase button and haven’t looked back since. It took a one to two tries to perfect it and I only got cut a few times but nothing different from the traditional shaver. I highly recommend you adopt this one, it reduces so much waste, razors and razor heads are big pollutants.

Some things will take sometime to get used to, like the safety razor, must women shy away from this one because it looks scary, but from personal experience, it is not as scary, you may have learning curve but overall, I absolutely love my safety razor and beats disposing of plastic every time! Every single item I listed here, I have incorporated into my daily lifestyle and it has been a great experience, I haven’t missed the conventional options not one bit. It is such a great feeling for me to know that I am even if it is in small steps changing or saving our Earth from pollution, certainly, I still have a ways to go to be on an extreme conscious lifestyle, but every step counts.

Below you can find links to most of the products listed (affiliate links used). Let us know if you will be or have been incorporating more eco-friendly/conscious practices in your life, we want to know what you are doing!