3 Things by The Conscious Mama | Part 2

Food From the Heart
  1. Not wasting food and maximizing the use of everything +  buying organic produce. Not only good for your health but in preserving and maintaining a healthy soil.

    Eating less meat. My meatless weekdays help saving some water from animal raise. One patty of hamburger takes about 616 gallons of water to be made. 

Food From The Heart

2. Switching to more earth friendly containers in the kitchen like the ones below (I had to expand a little more on these cause you know, the kitchen is my happy place!)

To wrap up food (sandwich, apples, slice of cake, muffins) I use these wraps made from beeswax! Bee's Wrap Sustainable ReusableWrap and Set of 3 Abeego Food Storage Flats 100 AFN for the lunchbox or to wrap up veggies, avocado halves and store in the fridge, or cover bowls that don't have tops.

I take this Reusable Mesh Produce Bags with me to the supermarket or farmers market to store veggies and once I get home, my veggies go directly into the fridge inside those bags.

For meal prep, freezing soups and leftovers, I use glass containers like these Snapware Total Solutions 18 piece Glass Containers .

I completely switched to these bags where I will normally use ziplocks. To freeze, lunchbox, snacks on-the-go, etc. stasher bags.

Replace Plastic straws for paper or reusable stainless steal like these!

Food From The Heart

3. Using earth friendly cleaning and beauty products (check products here, I love seventh generation and homemade with white vinegar and essential oils).

Lauren Arboleda

Lauren Arboleda has a bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of Miami, and is a certified Nutritional Coach from The institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York. So yeah! she did not attend culinary school! Which proves that if you are passionate enough, anything can be accomplished!

She is a proud wife and mom, and is madly in love with food, real food--food that truly nourishes your body in every way. She must also say she has a big sweet tooth, so she is always looking for healthy options to get her doses. Luckily she is also obsessed with greens and her daily green juice full of yummy veggies and superfoods! Aside from food, she is also into having an active lifestyle, working out,  practicing yoga and meditation, and most importantly, being happy in order to be "the best version of myself" (as cliché as it may sound). 

At Food from the Heart, we put our hearts in every step of the process, from selecting the best organic ingredients and products, to fusing the art of food with our five senses and good taste. We create food that will inspire your spirits, vitalize your senses, and touch your hearts one bite at the time, nourishing you from your inside out!
... because with a full belly, a happy heart! Even more when its with organic & real food! Learn more about her amazing passion for food and the services she provides