Egg-cellent Activities for Easter

Easter Activities Miami

As a new (stay home) mama, I've decided to go as many events, museums, playgrounds, parks, farms and a bunch of other instagramable places just to keep the best memories of baby and me while I can, including American traditions that are new to us.  Easter is one of them, and I mean the tradition of celebrating with chocolate eggs hunting and a huge rabbit.

I have to be honest, I googled it to try to understand where does this come from, but I understand it is a religious holiday, I still don’t know how bunny came to be famous for the holiday, so it remains a mystery to for me.

Anyways, I really want to enjoy this tradition with my little one, so I decided to gather a list of events around Miami to decide which ones to attend. Since I made the list, why not share it with my fellow mamas? so here it is, hope this helps!

Easter Events Miami

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