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We are now the mpire. - one woman with a tribe of women on a mission to create a space for modern day mamas that fuses work-life + mama-life.


Hey there mamas!

We are now the mpire. - one woman with a tribe of women on a mission to create a co-working and social space for the modern day mama. Ana Ortuño Aravena, founder of the original Mama Boss platform, quickly after launching MB, envisioned creating a space for mamas who want to find the ethereal balance between working and mothering. As she began connecting with mamas, almost all expressed the stressors that they all experience on a daily basis, trying to find that said balance. We are here to change that, we want to create awareness of what it means to be a modern working mama. At mpire, we will be incorporating innovative concepts that currently do not exist in any co-working and social space, these concepts will completely allow mamas and parents to form a healthy eco-system both on a personal and professional level.

While we will be going in a new direction, we will always have a special place in our heart for Mama Boss, continue to celebrate the ethos of our original MB mission and you’ll hear it’s echo as we move into this new phase. The social aspect of this new phase will remain the same as the one we created over at MB, we will have panels, creative events, workshops and more that will allow you to foster the relationships you have built or want to build, as that has always been our strongest suit and we want to keep it that way. So here we are, on a mission to launch a space for continued creation, connection, community, and encouragement.

We will be rewriting the narrative, lets change it together.

In the meantime, join us at our events, stay connected with us as we launch our PODCAST, yes, you heard right, we will be launching a podcast this year! And so much great things to come. We can’t wait to grow with you!

Thank you and we love you.

Ana + BOTM

Ana Ortuño Aravena

When Ana became a mama, she was both elated and lost, a sentiment that has been reverberated time and again by so many other mamas. Within those first few months of motherhood, she felt in a world of her own, one that felt very solitary. In those moments of breastfeeding solitude that she often had, the original idea of Mama Boss was born. She knew something had to be done, something that would allow mamas to release, to connect, to continue on the pursuit of goals and dreams, having an outlet where anything and everything could be discussed, motherhood, career, marriage, friendships, or/and anything in between. After launching MB, she quickly realized there was more to be done to help mamas find that balance they all search and deserve. Here she is now, on a new phase of her life and that of the original platform she created. Excited more than ever to embark on the journey to help mamas change their narrative, because the time is now.

Ana graduated from Miami Dade College with a A.A. Degree in Sociology and later from Florida International University, with a B.A. in Sociology and Anthropology, with one class shy away from a minor in Religious Studies. Her dream was to attend fashion school, which has always been one of her true passions, but she also wanted to be both a Field Anthropologist and Archaeologist, so you can say, she is a jack of all trades. One burning desire she carried throughout her life, however, was to help and inspire her community and the world. She went on a search for many years, on how, she could fulfill what she felt was her real purpose, she was surprised but completely delighted to find, that it came in the form of motherhood. Motherhood gave her purpose and purpose shall give her, her path.

Thank you to all of you who have believed in my vision, my dream and my path, I owe you more than I will ever be able to give you, but know, I am grateful and will carry you in my heart.

  • Ana